The Greenschool

A day at Green School

“Clearly, we have a social duty towards this future man, this man who exists as a silhouette around the child, a duty towards this man of tomorrow. Perhaps a great future leader or a great genius is with us and his power will come from the power of the child he is today. This is the vision which we must have. ”  

Dr. Maria Montessori 

With deep respect for the new life that is developing, we have the pleasure of assisting and being present in the miracle of the Children’s development. We are by their side to show them that they can do everything by themselves.

We support their effort, lowering to their height to listen, to encourage, to embrace, to sing, to get to know our Earth, to explore all forms of art, to listen to the wonderful sounds of the garden. Our unique mission is to prepare Children for life itself in a world that will be built by happy Children who live in peace.
Every morning the teacher greets each child individually with a handshake. It is a special moment for the smooth transition of the day and an opportunity for greater connection between educator and Child. It sets a foundation of respect and acceptance. Then the Child goes to the changing room, leaves his bag, puts on his slippers and starts the 3-hour cycle period work. In this 3-hour session, the Child has the opportunity every day to come into contact with all the sections of the Montessori material, with the English language, music and environmental education. The educator after asking for the Child's consent can introduce him to new activities or the Child can choose to work alone, collaborate with a friend or participate in a small group. The garden is a natural continuation of the classroom.

The notes from the piano or the guitar signal the end of the 3rd hour where children and teachers sit in the big circle. There they discuss issues concerning the Children themselves and the proper functioning of the community. They continue with lunch which is usually at 12 o'clock. Setting the table is a very important process done by the children themselves. Lunch is the perfect opportunity to reinforce the importance of good manners and is a special moment of the day. Teachers and Children sing a short poem of gratitude for the meal they share. No child is forced to eat. After lunch, the Children brush their teeth. Then they go to the garden, in the sand pit, the mud kitchen, water the plants or observe the insects and plants. They can also climb up the tree house or climb where they are allowed, play board games with their friends. Free play is a great help in the physical, intellectual and mental development of Children.

Every month the Children have an outgoing. They visit ateliers, museums, various workshops such as clay or nearby forests.