The Greenschool

Values ​​and principles of the Greenschool community

of the Greenschool community

The choice of Montessori pedagogy at Greenschool is not just a choice of pedagogical direction but a choice of life attitudes with values that also determine the principles of the community.

  • "Follow the Child" We fully respect the Child's innerdevelopmental need to learn. The Child expresses himself and the joy of acquiring knowledge through his individual action.

  • "The Child is the teacher" We respect the freedom and uniqueness of human existence.

  • Care love, clear boundaries, and conversation build security and a sound relationship between the Child and the adults. Accepting and responding to the needs of the Child are non-negotiable values.

  • We respect and take care of ourselves.

  • We respect nature and make sure our ecological footprint affects our land as little as possible.

  • Kindness, self-improvement and insight are our daily personal goals.

  • We respect the parents and at the same time we offer the best possible to the Child.

  • We embrace all Children without any discrimination of nationality, origin, marital status, color, religion, gender.

  • We believe that healthy nutrition contributes to healthy human development.

  • The arts and free play strengthen the Child's personality.
    We do not interfere in any way with the Child's physical and personal needs for food, toilet, sleep.

  • We do not make comparisons between Children and comments about their personality.

  • We have faith in the Child who learns to work alone, for he is a happy Child who loves knowledge. A happy and humble adult who has self-esteem and confidence in his abilities and can contribute to society as a whole.