The Greenschool

Greenschool and the environment

The name of the community was given by our love for the environment. The environment is directly related to our mental, spiritual and physical health!

The Child feels that it is his own responsibility to take care of the environment by having activities in his daily life that help him learn how to take care of it and at the same time the behavior of adults themselves. We make sure to inform the Children about the fresh products we buy every day, the way they are cultivated. We use products that do not leave an ecological footprint to any of our activities. We only use natural materials (fabrics and furniture, cleaning products). In all the paint-related activities the community uses eco-friendly colors and general green materials where possible.

We undertake actions with the central objective of reducing our ecological footprint on the environment, starting from the daily practices we apply in our workplace, based on the tripartite "reuse, reduce, recycle". More specifically, we have carried out the following actions:

  • Placement of special paper recycling bins
  • Installation of special paper, aluminum and plastic recycling bins
  • Paper economy by pre-installing two-sided printing on the computer
  • Electronic availability of payroll documents for all employees instead of distributing them in paper form
  • Installation of household battery recycling bins

Tips for a better life

All of us can reduce our footprint on the environment by changing our daily habits a little. Check out some small tips with a big meaning below.

Energy saving
Saving water
Clean environment
Green everywhere
Ecological transportation