The Greenschool

Our vision

“Education and literacy, in the early years of the child, are the key for a better world. It doesn’t prepare the Child only for school but also for life.”

Dr. Maria Montessori, "The Receptive Mind"

The Child is born with all the abilities that will help him become a well-rounded person. According to his own internal powers, he needs to know the natural environment, drawing every help from the adult who takes care of him. He wants to acquire all the experiences-skills that will help him complete his mental, physical and spiritual development.

Knowing this process, Dr. Maria Montessori envisioned a better world, where adults whose needs were treated with respect as children, would live in peace. The training based on the method of Dr. Maria Montessori especially helps the Child to find the way for his own personal development, guided by his natural passion for learning. Especially after the completion of the process of covering the neurons with myelin (the substance that helps the neurons of the brain to trigger an energy potential and greater speed in the transmission of each new information), we see an explosion in the development of speech and movement in the Child . It is a natural process that the adult cannot interfere with.

The Montessori pedagogical method, with the help of specific materials, offers joyful and self-sustaining learning based on the Child himself and his interaction with other Children. The Montessori material and the way it is presented by trained educators is structured in such a way, that pushes the Child to gain experiences in the organization and time management, in adaptability, in communication, in orderly cooperation and in managing challenges. Through these experiences he acquires the skills that help him become an independent, happy adult who respects the life and dignity of others; Who shows his solidarity with words and deeds, respects diversity in human choices and contributes to better human and social relations by finding solutions to any problem. As a Montessori community of Greenschool alongside with the parents, we are next to the Child with love, humility, acceptance and respect. Through continuous observation of the small group of Children, we see the unique needs of each Child and constantly redefine the way of approach so that the Child unfolds his personality harmoniously. It is a painful and difficult path that we have consciously chosen.